Big Social Media Followings Are Not Always Better

I am asked by almost everyone this question; “How many followers should I have?”. It doesn’t matter if we are discussing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or others, people are worried about how many people are following their profiles.

My quick answer to this is “enough to increase your market reach and sales”. I know, that isn’t a very definite number. The reason that there is no specific number of followers which makes a profile “work” is that it isn’t about the NUMBER, but the ENGAGMENT of these followers.

Engagement? What is that you may ask. Engagement is “industry speak” which means the way in which your audiences help to push your message to others or respond to you. Examples of measurable engagement are post “likes”, “shares”, “ReTweets”, commenting and following links.

So why is engagement more important then large numbers of followers? When you post or tweet, a very small percentage of your actual followers see this post. I will do a post in the future about this issue, however, take my word for it.

For examples, if you have 1,000 followers on your Facebook Page, you will be lucky if your post is seen by more then 40-50 of your page followers. However, if you post or tweet, then followers begin to like it, share it and comment on it, the platform will see that post as “important”, since people are engaging. Since that post is seen as popular, the platform will show it to more of your followers.

Many businesses struggle to engage their audiences. Just remember that humor as well as emotion receive the best engagement. Also, watch your platform’s insight data. All the Social Media platforms give you details about what happens with your posts. Look at this information and see if you begin to see trends on the posts which receive the most engagement.
In summary, if your social media profiles do not have thousands and thousands of followers, do not worry. Try to increase your social media communities each month but concentrate on your posts’ engagement. You will see a definite improvement in your social media results if you do this.