Does E-Mail Marketing Still Work?

As a Digital Marketing Consultant since Social Media was called Web 2.0, I have witnessed the rise of Social Media Marketing from the inside. As Facebook rose, LinkedIn caught up and Twitter launched, I have watched and monitored what actually was working.

I think it is evident that Social Media is a powerful medium for a business’s marketing strategy if created and managed professionally. However, e-mail marketing is still a viable tool to incorporate within your online marketing efforts.

When clients first meet with me, they only want to talk about the different Social Media platforms. I have to remind them about e-mail. Their normal response is “Oh, yeah.. we do that too”. I have come to realize that e-mail marketing has become the forgotten tool.

When I talk about e-mail marketing, I am not referring to you send a few emails from your personal account. I am discussing professionally designed drip marketing and follow-up campaigns using a service such as Constant Contact, MailChimp or others. The reason that you should use these e-mail marketing platforms is for governmental compliance as well as overall branding capabilities. In addition, the reporting that you receive after your email has been sent is full of valuable information which can be leveraged to enhance communications with your target audience.

An example of this is to create a follow up message for anyone who had clicked the link in your email which drove them to your website or online offer. You will not only know how many people clicked on these links, but also the email addresses of those whom clicked. With that information, you can send a follow-up email thanking them for visiting your website or offer page and have another call-to-action for them to complete.

Once I explain why e-mail marking must be a part of your organized and ongoing digital marketing activities, clients then ask two questions; what do I send and how often?

Each client gets a different answer from me since it does really depend on their offerings as well as the size of their list and engagement rates. But, as a guide, I suggest to send an email twice a month.

What can you send? There is always the good-ol’ newsletter. If you are just getting started with an organized campaign, the newsletter is a good place to start. However, make it interesting and fun. Have a monthly contest. Highlight a client or customer. Showoff your employees. Make it personal, but also informative. Have a section that educates. Have a section which tells a story. Have a section which contains subjects relevant to the reader.

Other ideas of e-mails that you can send is an ALERT. If you work within an industry that changes frequently or is expecting regulatory changes, this is a good option. Examples of these industries are legal, financial, and even human resources.

If you sell products, you can send out a monthly e-mail showing the current inventory or just one item with a link to see more. You can also send this as a weekly e-mail and brand it as “Terrific Tuesday” or something clever which will show your sales and promotions.

So, the answer to the title if this article is “YES!”

E-mail marketing still works, WELL as a matter of fact. But it only works if #1 you use it and #2 you leverage your data received.

I wish you happy e-mailing!